Econet customers denied Zesa access.



Zimbabwe’s largest mobile  telecommunications company  Econet wireless has been frozen  from selling  electricity tokens  by Zesa in a move  which have affected  thousand s of its customers. Zesa’s subsidiary, Powertel, has ignored a directive from its parent company allowing Econet to sell electricity tokens via Ecocash to its subscribers. Powertel is mandated to distribute electricity tokens. This comes as  the country  is battling  severe cash shortages  which have seen  the reserve bank  of Zimbabwe introducing  measures which encourage  use of plastic money-including using mobile  platforms such as Ecocash –as part of  mitigating  the currency crunch. Zesa chief executive Josh Chifamba in April wrote to Powertel managing director Samuel Maminimini advising him that he “can now connect sub vendors through Ecocash platform” but the directive was ignored. – Dailynews


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