Embracing ICTs can boost national revenue’



Embracing information communication technologies can enhance national revenue collection, as the degree of efficiency of a country’s tax administration can make or break the economy, a senior official with the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority has said. ZIMRA acting commissioner general Happias Kuzvinzwa, who is also chairman of African Tax Administration Council, noted that ICTs can play a critical role in enhancing efficiency of tax administrations and boost revenue collections in developing countries. Acting commissioner Kuzvinzwa said this while addressing the African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF) technical meeting for heads of ICT for African revenue authorities held in Harare, yesterday. The technical meeting was attended by over 40 participants drawn from ATAF member states across the African continent. The acting commissioner general called upon ICT experts to design simplified and effective automated solutions for the benefit of taxpayers, in line with international best practice. – Herald

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