Tenders: Sept 6, 2016

Welt Hunger Hilfe

Tender Invitation

For drilling and construction of boreholes

Wet Hole policy

Welthungerhilfe in Partnership with Cotton made in Africa would like to have a turnkey contract for the construction of hand pump water facilities on drilled boreholes in Gokwe South Districts. For this the contractor shall provide all labour, transport, plant, tools, equipment and materials and appurtenances and shall perform all Works necessary to satisfactorily locate sites for drilling, construct and compete successfully drilled boreholes including lowering of borehole assembly with PVC casing and Screen and end cap, gravel pack at appropriate intervals and back fill, close near surface water table aquifer, cleaning and development of said boreholes, pump test for 7 hours, chlorinate borehole and install hand pump, construct apron with drainage and soak away pit and water quality testing both chemical and biological accordance with this specification and to any further details as may be ordered by Welthungerhilfe. The contractor shall equip the successful drilled holes.


Tender documents are available for collection at Arundel Offices or by email request as of 7th September 2016 and all bids must be submitted into the tender box in sealed envelopes by 11am on 18th September 2016

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