Poultry industry in steady growth

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The poultry industry has seen a steady growth recently with Zimbabweans turning to chicken which has become relatively cheaper than most meat products. 
Stocks of growing and in-production broiler breeder birds averaged 877,921 in the third quarter of 2021 growing 8% compared to the second quarter, becoming the highest quarterly average achieved to date, according to the Zimbabwe Poultry Association (ZPA).
ZPA Chairman, Solomon Zawe, said the increase demonstrated breeder’s response to meet increasing demand for broiler day old chicks (DoCs).
Local production of hatching eggs averaged 9.4 million per month in Q3 of 2021, being 11% higher than Q2.
Imports of hatching eggs in Q3 averaged 1.5 million per month, being 10% lower than Q2.

However, total hatching eggs hit an all-time high third quarter average, with 10.9 million eggs per month, which was 8% higher than Q2 of 2020.
Broiler day-old chicks averaged 7.7 million per month for Q3 of 2021, being the same as Q2 (matching peak performance achieved in 2018 when the industry was heavily reliant on imported hatching eggs.

Zawe said returns from large-scale abattoir operators provided information on the number of birds processed, primarily for the large retail outlets, and was approximately one third of the total number of chicks marketed.
“The difference between total chicks sold and birds processed by large-scale abattoirs is assumed to
be chicks taken up mostly by small and medium producers (SMPs). These differences, after taking
into consideration estimated mortalities, are used to provide an estimate of meat production from
this sector,”
Large-scale, estimated small-scale and total meat production in the third quarter changed by -12, 1
and -2% respectively compared to the second quarter, which was 31, 13 and 17% higher than the
same period last year respectively.
While average third quarter producer and wholesale prices increased by 14% (-8% in USD terms)
over the second quarter, prices for individually quick-frozen pieces (IQF – the bulk of meat
marketed) was only 2% higher in ZWL terms and 15% lower in USD terms signalling a stagnant
Zawe noted that the total growing and in-production layer breeder stocks continued to improve,
averaging 84,290 birds per month in the third quarter of 2021, a an increase of 11% compared to
the second quarter.
Production of layer hatching eggs reached a record high of 1.17 million eggs per month in the third
quarter, reflecting a 71% increase from the second quarter, outperforming levels of production last
seen in 2013 and 2014.
The growth in the industry has been reflected in the sales volumes of stock feeds.

In the period up to September 30, Innscor Africa group saw its stock feeds divisions registering
higher volumes.
National Foods delivered a 33% increase in volumes versus the comparative year, with the stronger
local demand for protein products, and increased demand from small-scale poultry production,
being key determinants of the overall performance.
At Profeeds, volume performance continued to strengthen throughout the year, with stock feed
volumes closing 31% ahead of the comparative year and day-old-chick sales volumes increasing 47%
over the same period; with both categories being bolstered by improved protein demand and
recovery across the poultry value chain.

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